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Downtown Houston

Downtown, which is also a bustling business sector, is home to important attractions including the Houston Aquarium, which contains touch pools and a shark tank.

Houston Skyline District

A number of blocks in Houston, Texas, the capital of Texas, make up the Houston Skyline District. You can visit our Houston Design Center, which is always free to the public, to explore some of the newest Skyline displays and discover the Skyline difference for yourself.

Houston Heights

The Heights, a neighborhood in quiet Houston Heights, is well-known for its unique stores as well as the Victorian homes that line Heights Boulevard's tree-lined streets.

Houston's Chinatown

With the second-largest Indochinese population in the US, after Los Angeles, Houston has a sizable and thriving Asian community. The initial Chinatown was founded east of Downtown, but today's bustling international quarter has evolved in the city's southwest.


Northeast of Houston, Texas, United States, is where the 14,000-acre master-planned community of Kingwood is situated. Only a minor section of the community is found in Montgomery County, with the bulk being in Harris County.

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